Studios time schedule

  • Our studios are open 24/7!
  • For the convenience of our customers, we have worked out an illustrative studio availability schedule. It will help you easily determine the availability of a particular studio on the required day and hour..
To reserve studio please call:
+371 28697722 (09:00-22:00)


  • The schedule displays available time in studios.
  • Night rehearsals are available only in the studio Nr.3

Free time in studios

  •   1 2 3
    Today 09:00-24:00 09:00-24:00 09:00-24:00
    Tomorrow 09:00-24:00 09:00-24:00 09:00-24:00
    After Tomorrow 09:00-24:00 09:00-24:00 09:00-24:00
    27.01 09:00-24:00 09:00-24:00 09:00-24:00
    28.01 09:00-24:00 09:00-24:00 09:00-24:00
    29.01 09:00-24:00 09:00-24:00 09:00-24:00
    30.01 09:00-24:00 09:00-24:00 09:00-24:00
  •   1 2 3
    31.01 09:00-24:00 09:00-24:00 09:00-24:00
    01.02 09:00-24:00 09:00-24:00 09:00-24:00
    02.02 09:00-24:00 09:00-24:00 09:00-24:00
    03.02 09:00-24:00 09:00-24:00 09:00-24:00
    04.02 09:00-24:00 09:00-24:00 09:00-24:00
    05.02 09:00-24:00 09:00-24:00 09:00-24:00
    06.02 09:00-24:00 09:00-24:00 09:00-24:00
Rehearsal studios

We offers musicians of all styles and genres a state-of-the-art rehearsal studio complex in the center of Riga. At our studios, you will be provided with professional instruments and a dedicated, well-equipped environment.

Our studios are open seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and the rates are surprisingly attractive: only Eur 6 per hour during the day or Eur 25 per night rehearsal.

We are conveniently located within easy reach by car or public transport.

Our customers will appreciate an ample parking lot and wireless network access.

The rooms for rehearsals and creative sessions are large and spacious, and we provide rental of high-quality sound and lighting equipment for indoor halls of any size and outdoor venues, as well as sound production services for concerts and other events.

For new bands the first hour is only 1 Euro

Why us
  • Cozy place
    We are really comfortable to engage in the creative process
  • Quality sound
    Good equipment provides the right sound quality for your music
  • Tuned drums
    We can tune the drums!
  • Wi-Fi
    Free Wi-Fi
  • Air conditioner
    Always comfortable room temperature
  • Musical instruments storage
    The ability to leave instruments in a storage under lock and key
  • Free parking
    Parking places along the whole street
  • Adequate prices
    The perfect combination of price and quality
  • Close to the center
    10 minutes to the center by car
  • Free tea and water
    Always happy to treat our customers
  • Setting up the equipment
    We will help beginners to adjust the equipment
  • Night rehearsals
    We work 24/7 without holidays and weekends
  • Treeeye
    We are playing on the Focus for the 6rd year already. Fully satisfied with the service and equipment.
  • Lupas
    We play in studios for 3 years. Better place in Riga is not found, and not necessary.
  • Mindesign
    We rehearse in studios for many years. I am glad how well everything is organized in the area, customer relations and care of equipment.
  • Frequent Mood
    We are not frequent clients of studios, but if we are going to rehearse, then we go only to the Focus. Adequate prices and approach to business organization. Thank!
  • Bands
    • Standart price

    €6 / h

    • Price with subscription

    €5 / h

    • Night rehearsal

    22:00-08:00 - €25 / night

  • Individuals
    • Drummers
    • Vocalists
    • Guitarists
    • MC
    • and so on...
    €3 / h*
    on weekends all the time, on weekdays till 17:00
  • Music teachers

    €3 / h

    on weekends all the time, on weekdays till 17:00

  • Synthesizer rental
    €3 / rehearsal
  • Drum cymbals rental
    €3 per set / rehearsal

The equipment in the studios is constantly updated, the list of equipment for 2020 is indicated. We use only modern and high-quality equipment of a good average level.

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