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Rehearsal studio complex

FOCUS ON MUSIC offers musicians of all styles and trends a modern complex of rehearsal studios in the center of Riga. We offer the opportunity to play on professional equipment in a specially equipped room. Studios for rehearsals work 24/7.


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About us

Focus On Music

FOCUS ON MUSIC rehearsal studio complex currently includes three rooms providing equal amount of equipment but with different sounding. Therefore any band, regardless of their music style, will be able to select the right room.

Our goals

  • Provide an opportunity for new musicians to grow by getting used to playing on professional equipment.
  • Promote the development of the young Latvian artists’ musical creative work.
  • Promote the communication between bands and individual musicians.
  • Promote teaching and learning to play musical instruments.
Our studios

At our studios, you will be provided with professional instruments and a dedicated, well-equipped environment.

Our studios are open seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and the rates are surprisingly attractive: only Eur 6 per hour during the day or Eur 25 per night rehearsal.

We are conveniently located within easy reach by car or public transport.

Our customers will appreciate an ample parking lot and wireless network access.

The rooms for rehearsals and creative sessions are large and spacious, and we provide rental of high-quality sound and lighting equipment for indoor halls of any size and outdoor venues, as well as sound production services for concerts and other events.

Our studios

For bands rehearsing with us for the first time the price for the first hour is only 1 Eur!

  • Bands
    • Standart price

    17:00-23:00 - €6 / h

    23:00-17:00 - €5 / h

    on weekends all the day €6 / h

    • Price with subscription

    17:00-23:00 - €5 / h

    23:00-17:00 - €4 / h

    on weekends all the day €5 / h

    • Night rehearsal

    22:00-08:00 - €25 / night

  • Individuals
    • Drummers
    • Vocalists
    • Guitarists
    • MC
    • and so on...
    €3 / h
  • Music teachers
    €3 / h
  • Synthesizer rental
    €3 / rehearsal
  • Drum cymbals rental
    €3 per set / rehearsal
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